Garage Sales

Bring Buyers and Sellers Together!

We here at GarageSaleEasy want to make sure your Garage sale is a huge success. Our platform allows you to advertise & promote your garage sale to millions of eager buyers and with our innovative mobile payment solution you can accept many ways to pay including credit. We wanted to make sure you all the necessary tools you need to make your garage sale successful was all in one place. It’s important to us that we made it easy to donate part of your proceeds to your favorite charity and to be able to hold multi-family GS with ease At Garage Sale Easy we create “fun” with function

One of the biggest pain points of having a Garage Sale is how do I promote my sale and find buyers?

Make It Easy for People to Find You. Garage Sale Easy includes four GS posters 3 PIC with QR CODE map and 1 showing touchless transactions Once you sign up on our e-commerce platform you can list and promote in a matter of seconds. Easy to use app allows buyers to quickly locate your garage sales as well as many others in your area.

Touchless Transactions

Touchless Transaction allow Buyers to "SCAN & PAY" with any mobile device. Touchless payment is quick, easy, and sanitary. While touchless payment is a newer trend, many places have begun to incorporate this technology into their payment processing.


With you can now donate with ease! Selling unwanted items now has a new benefit. Our platform allows you to sell items and donate some of the proceeds to your favorite cause.