Garage Sales

How It Works in 3-Easy Steps!

Bringing Sellers & Buyers together

The most successful garage sales are the ones bringing buyers and sellers together. GarageSaleEasy does this for you and a lot more! GarageSaleEasy is an all-in-one e-commerce garage sale solution that brings buyers and sellers together. Our platform allows you to advertise & promote your garage sale to millions of eager buyers and with our innovative mobile payment solution accept many different ways to pay including credit. What better way

Donating with

Fundraising is the lifeblood of any charitable organization and donating is the challenge that focuses benefactors to your cause. How you raise money for your cause can sometimes be a daunting task with marketing and logistics. With the evolution of technology and apps, fundraising has never been easier or faster. One of the best tools your nonprofit can adopt to help with fundraising is
Most of you are probably familiar with Garage Sales and how you can sell unwanted items. Using takes the guess work and . Even if you’re not Garage Sale veteran, we’ve got you covered. Our software and app allow you to set up, market, and fundraise your next Garage Sale, ultimately taking it to the next level.

Touchless Cash Register

Touchless Cash Register allows Buyers to "SCAN & PAY" with any mobile device. Touchless payment is quick, easy, and sanitary. While touchless payment is a newer trend, many foodservice establishments have begun to incorporate this technology into their payment processing.

The Trends to Know Around Touchless Transactions:

  • Roughly six in ten people who make contactless payments report they are often touchless.
  • The pandemic put the spotlight on truly touchless transactions, despite indications that the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 from a terminal is very low.
  • 57% of consumers report that when making a touchless transaction, they never have to touch the terminal at all.
  • 25% of consumers report that when making a touchless transaction, they still have to touch the terminal to some degree.
  • Predictably, the rise in touchless transactions has come at the expense of cash.
  • On average, the amount of cash spent each week has fallen slightly after two years of growth.
  • The median consumer spent $56 a week in cash in 2020, down from $62 a week in 2019.

Many major card companies including American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Discover, and PayPal have implemented this technology as an option on new card roll-outs. uses the latest technology and security to protect your transactions. Transactions are protected by multiple layers of security.


FREE & Easy Sign Up!
FREE online e-commerce platform and garage sale organizer. Save time getting buyers to your next garage sale. You can organize and promote your next garage sale on our network. And give your buyers many different ways to pay.

Accept Credit and Debit Cards
$0 Setup, NO Monthly fees, Accept VISA MasterCard Discover & AMEX, Mobile Phone & device support, Digital Wallet + Hassle-Free. 24hr Service & Support.

Great for Fundraisers and Charity
With GarageSaleEasy you can now donate with ease! Selling unwanted items now has a new benefit. Our E-commerce platform allows you to sell items and donate some of the proceeds to your favorite charity, nonprofit, or group.


Easy to Use App
Easy to use app allows buyers to quickly locate your garage sales as well as many others in your area. Buyers can also purchase items directly through the easy to use, safe & secure interface.

Purchase using Cellphone or Mobile Device
Buyers can easily buy your items directly using their cellphones or mobile devices. Mobile continues to play an increasing role in the success of ecommerce. By 2021, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales.

Make It Easy for People to Find You
Since so many people like to shop online before buying in-store, make it easy for people to make the jump from online shopping to in-person shopping at your next garage sale.